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My research spans many areas ranging from Artificial intelligence, through Medical Informatics to Technology & Strategy. The goal of my research has always been to enable the outcome to be of practical and theoretical value. The projects spanning the last twenty years have resulted in a set of publications the majority of which can be found and here:

Robert Plant
3D Technologies: A Gateway to Innovative Design (Chinese, English)
Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition) December 2013

Robert Plant
Brand Intelligence = Big Data + Customer Intelligence
Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition) December 2012

Robert Plant
To Create a Global Brand you need a Global App

Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition), September 2012 

Robert Plant
The Data Crisis
Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition), February 2010, pp 28-31

Robert Plant & Jie Ren
A Comparative Study of Motivation and Entrepreneurial Intentionality: Chinese and American perspectives
Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Vol. 15, No. 2 (2010) 187-204

Robert Plant
The Disappearing Data Center
Harvard Business Review, July-August 2009, p16

Robert Plant, Susan Wills & Carlos Valle
Creative Entrepreneurship at iconstruye: A Pan Andean e-Procurement Market Maker
Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, May 2008 v32 i3 p575(14)

Robert Plant
An Empirical Analysis: Venture Capital Clusters and Firm Migration
Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 12(2) 2007, 139-163

Robert Plant  & Leslie Willcocks
Critical Success Factors in International ERP Implementations: A Case Research Approach
Journal of Computer Information Systems, Spring 2007 Vol. XLVII, No. 3., 60-71

Patricia Abril & Robert Plant
The Patent Holder’s Trilemma: Buy, Sell, or Troll?
Communications of the ACM, Volume 50, Issue 1, January 2007, 37-44

Robert Plant & Alex Pons
MIS Research Involving Human Subjects: Processes and IRB Requirements
Communications of AIS, Volume 17 Article 20 March, 2006

Robert Plant & Stephen Murrell
A Natural Language Help System Shell through Functional Programming
Knowledge Based Systems, 18 (2005) 19-35

Robert Plant
Online Communities
Technology in Society, 26 (2004) 51-65

Robert Plant, Leslie Willcocks and Nancy Olson
Measuring E-Business Performance: Towards a Revised Balanced Scorecard Approach
Information Systems and eBusiness Management, 2003 Vol. 1, No. 3., 265-283

Robert Plant & Rose Gamble
Methodologies for the Development of Knowledge-Based Systems: 1982-2002
Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol 18., Issue 1. 99 47-81, 2003

Leslie Willcocks & Robert Plant
How corporations E-source: From Business Technology Projects to Value Networks
Information Systems Frontiers, 5:2, 175-193, 2003.

Leslie Willcocks & Robert Plant
Getting to ‘Bricks and Clicks’: B2C Leadership Strategies
Sloan Management Review, Spring 2001, Vol. 42. No 3. Pages 50-59

Hu, Qing & R.T. Plant
An Empirical Study of the Causal Relationship between IT Investment andFirm Performance
Information Resource Management Journal, July-September 2001, Volume 14, No. 3., pp 15-26

A.V. Pai, R.F. Gamble and R.T. Plant
Using KBS verification techniques to demonstrate the existence of rule anomalies in ADBs
Information and Software Technology, 41 (10) (1999) pp. 627-638

Gamble, R., & Plant R.T
Rule-Based Systems Formalized within a Software Architectural Style
Knowledge-Based Systems Journal, Vol 12, Numbers 1-2 April 1999

H.R. Moreno &  R. T. Plant
Halstead’s Metrics Revisited for Knowledge-Based Systems

Journal of Information Management and Failures, Volume 2, No. 2, 1998 pages 83-90

Q. Hu., R. T. Plant, & D. B. Hertz
Software Cost Estimation Using Economic Production Models
Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol. 15., No 1. Summer 1998. pp143-165

Plant, R.T.  & Gamble, R. (1997)
Using Meta-Knowledge within a  Multi-Level Framework for KBS Development
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, April, 1997 46(4), 523-547

D. Kuokka., D. E. O’Leary, & R. T. Plant
Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Organizations
Communications of the ACM, January 1997 40(1) 52-59

S.Murrell & R.T. Plant
A Survey of Tools for Validation and Verification 1985-1995
Decision Support Systems Volume 21 (1997), Number 4, December 1997 pp307- 323

S.Murrell & R.T. Plant
On the Verification and Validation of production systems: A Graph Reduction Approach
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 44(2), 127-144 (1996)

S. Murrell & R.T. Plant
Decision Tables: Formalisation, Validation & Verification
Software Testing Verification & Reliability, Vol 5, 107-132 (1995)

R.T.Plant & P. Tsoumpas
A Survey of Aerospace Software Development
Information and Software Technology, 37, (11) 623-636, 1995

S.Murrell & R. Plant
A Graph-Reduction Implementation of a Production System
Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol 8, No. 4 August 1995, pp155-160

S. Murrell & R. Plant
Formal Semantics for Rule-Based Systems
Journal of Systems & Software, Vol. 29, No 3., pp251-1995

R.T. Plant, S. Murrell & H.R. Moreno
A Prototype Decision Support System for A Differential Diagnosis of Psychotic, Mood and Organic Mental Disorders: Part II
Medical Decision Making, Vol. 14, No. 3. July-Sept. 1994 pp98-111

R.T.Plant & J.P. Salinas
Expert Systems Shell Benchmarks: The Missing Comparison Factor
Information & Management 27 (1994), 89-101

R.T. Plant
Techniques for Knowledge Acquisition from Text
The Journal of Computer Information Systems, Volume XXXV, No 1. Fall 1994, pp64-71

D.I. Gold & R T. Plant
Towards the Formal Specification of an Expert System
International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 9, Number 8, August 1994, pp739-768

B. Zweibleman & R.T. Plant
Choosing a College Major: A Prototype Decision Support System
Computers in Human Behavior, Vol 10. No 3, pp 231-242

R.T. Plant & P. Tsoumpas
An Integrated Methodology for Knowledge Based System Development
Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 7, No2. pp 259-271, 1994

H.R. Moreno & R.T. Plant
A Prototype Decision Support System for A Differential Diagnosis of Psychotic,  Mood and Organic  Mental Disorders
Medical Decision Making, Vol. 13(1), pp 43-48, 1993

R.T. Plant & J.P. Salinas
CISEPO [City Selection Program]: A DSS for Relocating Companies within the  U.S.
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, Vol. 16, No. 2, pp 117-130, 1992

R.T.Plant & Q.Hu
The Development of a Prototype DSS for the Diagnosis of Casting Production Defects
Computers & Industrial Engineering, An International Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp 133-146, 1992.

Expert System Development and Testing: A Knowledge Engineer’s Perspective
Journal of Systems and Software,  Volume 19, Number 2, pp 141-147, October 1992.

A Rigorous Approach to the Development of Knowledge-based Systems
Knowledge-Based Systems, Butterworth-Heinmann, December 1991, (4):4, pp186-197

Factors in Software Quality for Knowledge-Based Systems
Information and Software Technology, Butterworth-Heinmann, September 1991, Vol 33, No 7, pp 527-536.

On the Validation, Verification and Testing of Knowledge-based Systems
Heuristics: The Journal of Knowledge-based Systems, Volume 3, Number 1, pp 59-67, Spring 1990.

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